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If any of the following questions apply to you, you’ve found exactly the right place.
  • Are you looking for  an internet business?
  • Do you already work an affiliate programme or
    internet business?
  • Are you baffled by the choice out there?
  • Are you amazed by the wild claims you see in
    the adverts?
  • Have you heard terrible stories about the
  • Have you already been stung?

Whatever your situation, with a little help and some pointers in the right direction, you CAN have a successful business or affiliate programme or even a business which you design for yourself.… Continue reading


I recently bought a product called Macro Marketer. It cost $37 and was meant to automate lots of day to day tasks such as accessing a web page and logging on. There was an add-on package for a further $37 which I also bought.

Both products had the usual 60 day money back guarantee so when I discovered that I couldn’t make the software work, I decided to ask for a refund. I paid through Paypal so thought that there would be no problems but I was wrong.

I emailed the vendor several times, with no response. I used his so-called “help desk” and updated my request several times – no response. I used the Paypal complaint system with no response and Paypal couldn’t help me because it wasn’t a delivery issue.… Continue reading


Guest Crew is a great resource where Bloggers can register their websites and get paid to publish guest articles. For Advertisers it’s a place where they can find suitable websites to create a guest blogging campaign.

Here’s how it works – why not check it out?

How Guest Crew Works

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Blogging – Best RSS Feed for Fresh Content

Whats the best RSS feed for fresh content? Well we’ll get to that after a short account as to what an RSS feed actually is.

Users of the internet need and expect to find fresh content when they surf. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that you constantly have to refresh your sites by hand.

With the emergence of RSS technology, you can upload a many different blogs into your blog. When these blogs are brought up to date, those changes will all be mirrored in your blog. A wonderfully easy way of collecting and adding brand new information without doing very much yourself.

You’re probably wondering exactly how this technology works and how you can use it, so here are some facts to help you choose the best RSS feed and how to add an RSS feed to your website.… Continue reading


The easiest way to get into a niche market is to start with a subject that is close to your heart. If you love pets or babies or gardening, focus on that niche because chances are you already know quite a bit about it.

Of course those niches are far too wide, so get a piece of paper or sit down at your computer and make a list of everything you can think of to do with that main niche; these will be your sub-niches. So, if we start with pets, this is how we create our sub-niche:

Exotic Pets

Unfortunately, these niches are a bit too wide as well, so narrow them down further, starting with dogs:

Dog health
Dog behaviour
Dog training
Dog food

Do the same again:

Healthy dog food
Home made dog food
Raw dog food
Meat free dog food
Food for dogs with diabetes
Food for dogs with kidney disease
Food for old dogs
Food for puppies

Now these last few are becoming narrow enough not to have too much competition so it’s time to check.… Continue reading


These are the websites which I have personally found to be the most effective at getting my articles to page 1 of Google for my selected keywords.

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