Blogging – Best RSS Feed for Fresh Content

Blogging – Best RSS Feed for Fresh Content

Whats the best RSS feed for fresh content? Well we’ll get to that after a short account as to what an RSS feed actually is.

Users of the internet need and expect to find fresh content when they surf. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that you constantly have to refresh your sites by hand.

With the emergence of RSS technology, you can upload a many different blogs into your blog. When these blogs are brought up to date, those changes will all be mirrored in your blog. A wonderfully easy way of collecting and adding brand new information without doing very much yourself.

You’re probably wondering exactly how this technology works and how you can use it, so here are some facts to help you choose the best RSS feed and how to add an RSS feed to your website.

Where do I look for RSS feeds?

You need an RSS feed reader which is an application which permits you to get revisions from others’ blogs.

Why do I need an RSS feed reader?

An RSS feed reader can scan specific sites to which you have subscribed. When new articles are published, the RSS feed reader will provide a list of new content.

That’s the key advantage of the best RSS feeds – you save time and effort because the feed finds amendments to your specified blogs and you don’t have to.

If you are blogging for profit, you won’t have to write new content for your blog very often. If you have found interesting sites that provide useful information, you can just connect these websites to your own website and you will have fresh content minute by minute.

Choosing your RSS feed reader

First, you need to choose an RSS feed reader which is suitable for your needs.

– FeedDemon – You have to pay a monthly fee for this one but it does have a free trial.

– Pluck – This one is free and offers extra tools which help you search for retrieve and organise your data.

– Newsgator is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook which means that you can organise your news just like email. This is also paid with a free trial.

How do I choose the best RSS feed for my website?

You decide what sort of information you want to be fed to your website. Normally this would be something related to your own niche topic. There are a number of ways to find feeds, the easiest of which is to go to Google, type in “Google RSS feeds” and you will get a link to Google’s list of feeds. Alternatively there are a couple of RSS directory sites – Sindic8 and Daypop. You can also go direct to a website of your choice or search for appropriate websites using a search engine.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

If you want to choose an individual website for its interesting content and if it has the RSS orange box symbol in the address box, you can click on that which will take you to the subscribe page. Here you have two choices, copy the url (which will contain either xml or rss) and paste it into your RSS feed reader or you can click on the subscribe button.

If you want to feed content direct to your site, you will need to include some code on the page where you want the information to appear.


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