Warning about Macro Marketer

I recently bought a product called Macro Marketer. It cost $37 and was meant to automate lots of day to day tasks such as accessing a web page and logging on. There was an add-on package for a further $37 which I also bought.

Both products had the usual 60 day money back guarantee so when I discovered that I couldn’t make the software work, I decided to ask for a refund. I paid through Paypal so thought that there would be no problems but I was wrong.

I emailed the vendor several times, with no response. I used his so-called “help desk” and updated my request several times – no response. I used the Paypal complaint system with no response and Paypal couldn’t help me because it wasn’t a delivery issue. My credit card company wouldn’t help either because the purchase was under £100.

I contacted the owners of the base product who were very helpful but couldn’t offer a refund as I didn’t buy through them. They did, however, offer to help me to use the software, which was decent of them.

So, there are a couple of warnings here:

1. Don’t buy from this vendor whose name is James Jackson. He uses a number of email addresses which are from the domains findhotniches.com and safe2order.com (that’s a laugh!) amongst others.
2. Don’t buy digital products other than through Clickbank, whose vendors always honour the money back guarantee.

Sorry about the rant but I don’t want anyone else to fall into the same trap I did and lose their money.


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